December 14th, 2002


Money money Money

I can't freaking believe it..It's been days that I've been sleeping like this. sleeping pattern is now totally erratic..

Imagine, my daily early morning routine : Wait for Today newspaper which will be dropped by my doorstep at abt it in the loo and abt 530am, the Straits Times will be delivered and I will then read it at the dining table. Check email & update LJ if inspired, then wake up hubby if it is a weekday and plonk into bed! Arrghhh! It's a Saturday today and I shouldn't be spending the 1st half of the day in bed!! Yesterday was terrible..I'd actually slept from 7am to 6pm..sheesh!

Hmm..Is it rude to tell people that I want an angpow [euphemism for moolah hehehe] when they ask me what to get me for as a baby gift??? I mean..I've bought almost everything for the baby/nursery anything else that people get for me would be considered an extra..which I may end up giving to another person's baby :P~ Right?

Hubby called yesterday afternoon and asked me exactly that..saying his whole dept and a good pal has asked him what I wanted. I told him.."Money!! He said aiyoh.."So Crude!" So I told him.."Ok..tell ur department [since there's like 20 of them] that baby Aidan needs a digital camera to take gorgeous pictures of him when he makes his grand entrance and ur good pal that a cordless phone would be great to teach Aidan how to communicate!! [Yeah, our cordless phone recently croaked]].Hubby was like speechless !! His fault!! Who ask him to wake me up in the middle of a real pleasant dream where I was gonna part-take in this grand feast *sob*..

Ok. I'll be more diplomatic next time..I'll ask for gift vouchers instead!!
Do shops like Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton sell gift vouchers??? *hint hint*
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