December 15th, 2002


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I really thought I would be able to sleep well since I'd only slept 4 hrs yesterday but it was not to be. I was watching the latest VCD I bought..'Importance of Being Earnest' in bed and I found myself falling asleep at abt 1am..but was woken up when hubby came into bed abt 3 am..and after that *sigh*..couldn't sleep anymore. Damn!

Spent the whole morning aimlessly surfing the net. Well, at least I had some eye candy when I chanced upon this. Hmm, another low-key competition that probably had no sponsors in Singapore. Anyway, Singapore's rep looks like your typical boy next door..I still can't believe that Singapore's best entry ever for the Manhunt International competition was Benedict Goh, the wooden block from Pyramid Game. I'm sure I've spotted hunkier men around Singapore..I think the rep from China is pretty cute though :)~ Am sure he will place the top 5 since the competition is in Shanghai. Rep from Vietnam is quite hunky too..hmm..blah..must be my hormones at work again!! Don't know why but non-Asian (looking) men just doesn't appeal to me much...

Bought my digicam yesterday! It is a Nikon Coolpix 885!!! Haven't installed the software into the computer yet though. I took several pics of my apartment and the X'mas to ask some questions abt foto taking first..Yeah..pretty pleased with the buy actually!! At least now, I can post up some pics together with the LJ to liven it up. :)
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