December 18th, 2002


Ouch Brakton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and more intense. I just hope that it is not an indication that labour is just around the corner..erm, actually, I don't mind it anytime cept for tonight and tomorrow afternoon :P...

Lemme see..fairly full day ahead today coz...

9am-2pm : SLEEP [yeah, yeah..been awake since yesterday]
4:30pm : Last visit to gynae at Raffles Hospital
6:00pm : Shopping - buy last minute X'mas presents & go Citilink to check out the Ciboys at Pixtoons
8:00pm : Meet hubby for dinner
9:00pm : Watch Lord of the Rings at Bishan GV

Yeah..I wanna at least watch LOTR coz it may be the last movie I can watch for a while..(*sigh* Hero how?)

Annnnnd..tomorrow afternoon is a no-no hor [Aidan, u listening?]..Afterall, it's the finale 2 hour episode of The Amazing Race [3-5pm on Ch5]. Anytime after that..NO PROBLEM!!!
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