December 22nd, 2002


Soon..very soon..

Haven't slept since yesterday..I took a nap in the afternoon from about 3pm-6pm.. Was feeling so awake during the entire morning. Was in bed physically but I couldn't fall asleep at all. Hubby wasn't snoring, baby wasn't kicking...but I was just feeling restless..Guess it's my anxiety manifesting in someway.

Gonna be checking into the hospital later in the evening at 6pm to prepare for the induction of the baby tomorrow. Let's see...things to do today...

Will do a last check on the items to be packed for the hospital later. Must tidy up the nursery a little, call my confinement nanny to instruct her to be in Singapore on the 26 Dec and run some last minute errands..Damn, having butterflies in my stomach. Guess I'm feeling a tad scared..excited & anxious..

Anyway, will ask pals not to visit me in the hospital on the 24th Dec as it's X'mas Eve...the traffic will be horrendous too.
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