January 1st, 2003


A dripping 'wet' New Year

Damn..Aidan wet his bed..or rather the cot mattress! Was awoken by his cries at abt 4am and went to his room to check him out. The confinement nanny was changing his soaked diapers already. She told me that he had wetted the mattress [first time that he'd done it]. Now, how am I gonna find a replacement mattress??? Wonder whether the shops are open on New Year's Day. Will have to find out! It's the diapers that I'm using I guess. Just recently changed from Pampers to Fittis as I was testing out the various brands [these diapers were freebies u see].. I guess I should just stick to Pampers. They seemed to hold the pee better~

Arghh..I feel like a bakchang! Had my first session with the Malay massage lady yesterday. She does a traditional form of post-natal massage which includes using of herbs and "binding" techniques that supposed to help eliminate the 'wind' in my body and rid it of any toxins etc..The massage was great, especially since she used pretty hard strokes [yeah, I like pain of this sort] but when she 'pushed up my uterus' by pressing the folds of my skin from the waist upwards, I screamed in pain. Ouch..hurts a lot man! And after the whole massage, she rubbed some herbs on my abdomen and wrapped me in this corset-like thingy. It was so tight! Said that I was to take it off the day after in the morning. Sheesh..the stuff we go through to get our 'figure' back. Actually, this massage session is a present from Mom-in-Law..I think she's afraid I'll become a frumpy looking housewife and wants me looking nice and slim for her son :P~ Not cheap leh..It's a total of 10 sessions [daily] and cost $700! Good money eh!!

Wonder whether I should go back to sleep now or stay awake since the massage lady is gonna be here abt 9:00am. I should probably unbind myself now and have a nice warm shower.

Oh yeah...Happy New Year to all!!! Parent-in-law knew we had to spend the New Year at home so they came over to our place to celebrate it with us. *so sweet of them* :) MIL has been dying to try out this fondue set she bought over a year ago so she brought it over together with cheese/bread/ham/crackers/champagne so that we could have a mini-cheese fondue supper. We ate until we were damn jelak!! Watched the countdown on TV after that while sipping the champagne and wished each other a Happy New Year. Aidan woke up just in time to cry in the New Year too! It's so nice to celebrate the passing of a year with loved ones :)
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