January 6th, 2003


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My precious baby has PIMPLES! Actually, they are called cheek rash..Aidan's face started getting these scaley red pimply rash about 1 week back and it seems to be spreading to the area above his ears. Everyone I speak to says its common amongst babies and will disappear in 3-6 months time *sob*..So heartpain to see my beautiful newborne's face breaking out in baby acne.

Hubby is so mean! Said that Aidan probably got that from me. Yeah, my ultra-sensitive face is very prone to breakouts, even now!! Maybe, that's why people tend to think that I'm much younger than my age coz with my pimples, people think I'm still at the puberty stage :P~

I'm so tempted to buy the Osim Mermaid cleaner. I badly want to clean/wash my [unupholsterable]sofa which is covered with 2 yrs of dirt and the once black-now-grey rug I have under the coffee table. The problem is the price..it cost about $800 for the larger mermaid and about $600 for the mini-mermaid. Damn hefty amount to pay for a mere cleaning contraption. Been trying to solicit feedback from people about this cleaning machine but I've yet to come across anyone who've bought it yet. Everyone I asked gave the same reply -"Siao ah! So expensive!! Where got money to buy!?" *sigh*.... But I can't figure out any other way to clean my sofa cept for going out to buy a new one. Damn, I'm sounding more n more like a housewife! Bleah!!
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