January 8th, 2003


Lotsa shopping is good for u..esp if u r Preggy :)

Went for my post-natal follow-up visit to the gynae today. Dr Tan said I am looking fine and my 'wound', due to the episotomy is healing well. The nurses were commenting about the speedy delivery I had. They mentioned that it was rare that a first-timer's labour took only 2 hours. Dr Tan had apparently informed them during the DDate to clear the late afternoon's appointments as he had expected my delivery time to be about that time. Li' Aidan instead chose to arrive much earlier than expected at 11:39 am. Dr Tan had to then cancel all this late morning appointments in order to 'catch' this little baby :)

The nurses were asking me whether I'd done lotsa exercise during my pregnancy, especially, walking. I was like errr...yeah, I did do lotsa walking, but they were mainly from one shopping mall to another :P~ Guess I'm just lucky!!

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