January 11th, 2003


Baby Boy Brandon :)

Brandon Joshua Li - DOB : 27/12/2002, 10:34am, Weight - 8 lb 4oz :)

Congratz to Penny & Charles!! ..Penny gave birth to baby Brandon Joshua Li on the 27th Dec 02. Brandon was borne 2 days after X'mas and my baby Aidan was borne 2 days before X'mas :) He's a big baby compared to little Aidan heh!

Interestingly...4 of us - Rita, Boon Na, Penny & I.. had babies in the year of 2002. l knew them when I went over to Vancouver Canada for studies, which was about 12 years ago...We used to be so young & carefree then, worrying mainly about our GPA. Now, all of us are married with babies..Time sure passes by fast!! :)
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