January 17th, 2003


No More Babygyms..PLEASE!!

Hubby came home with 3 bags of pressies...for Aidan from his ex-colleagues from DBS. I looked at them and said.."I'm pretty sure one of those is a Babygym!".. And true enough, one of the gifts was a Chico Babygym.

*Sigh*..Why wasn't I surprised..Afterall, we have received a total of 6 babygyms from friends already. I've been telling friends/family who are coming to Aidan's full month celebration this Sunday to NOT buy me any babygyms or else I'll start giving them away as door gifts! Darn, I sound real ungrateful!! Those babygyms aren't cheap man,some costing about $100.. I know it's the thoughts that count but I'd rather people buy me stuff that are functional/practical [eg. baby clothes]or just give me money!

Oh yeah, I've also got NINE TEN 6-packs of chicken essence [all gifts!!] hidden in my kitchen cabinet. Am thinking of ways to get rid of them before my mom and MIL discover that I haven't been drinking them..Managed to 'chumsiong' with the confinement nanny to not let them know! I hate the taste of chicken essence! Taste like chicken broth with too much soya sauce *bleah*..

Darn..really feel like having a cig now! Can't..can't..must resist!
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