January 19th, 2003


Baby Shower

Woah..tiring day today!! We had a buffet luncheon to celebrate Aidan's full month ['ManYue']. His full month is supposed to be in 4 days time but we wanted to celebrate it on a weekend. My sis, evonnetay was also back in Singapore for a brief holiday so it was pretty timely too. The luncheon was held at my condo's function room. It was raining throughout the entire morning and afternoon so it was truly a baby shower! Fortunately, most of the people who'd RSVPed came, inspite of the gloomy weather [thankfully :)]..But, we still had lotsa food left at the end of the day!!

Aidan was extremely well-behaved today and slept throughout the entire afternoon, even though it was pretty noisy. But when everyone left my place.. oh boy! He became really hyper and refused to sleep at all. I'd spent the entire late afternoon & evening with him already so hubby is doing his shift now..Wah, am expecting to be damn tired soon as the confinement nanny has left and I've no one to help me :(~~

Heh..nice family pic ain't it?

Ljers/Spuggers = leapin_toufu, Andrew, moxielass, me, e_rambler, Alvin..Thanks for coming u guys!!

More pics here

P/S : I managed to get rid of one BabyGym :) but received another one today *sigh*..Oh yeah, and another 3 6-Packs of Chicken Essence too!!
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