January 21st, 2003


Baby Lurve

Hubby is at his wit's end. Either he isn't carrying Aidan right or Aidan doesn't like to be carried by him :P~ Kinda funny actually..I carry - no problem..Grandma carry - no problem, Grandpa carry - no problem, Daddy carry - Aidan *wail* wail* *wail*..Hubby looks like he's gonna cry too. Fortunately, Aidan stops crying when hubby feeds him..

A Happy Hubby :)

An equally Happy Baby - though he doesn't look it :P

Well, it's the 2nd day w/out the confinement nanny and I'm still surviving. My sleep time is dependent on the little one which means I average about 4-5 hrs sleep per day, sleeping about 1- 1&half hr each session. I'll survive..I've slept less than that before :P~

Hmm..how do I say this..Aidan tortures us!!! When there's people around, he's an angel, doesn't make much noise and usually zzing away, even when it's noisy. He did that during his Manyue, when my sis came over and when his grandparents came visiting. Everyone thinks he's this good natured, gwai li' baby coz he's so angelic in front of them. BUT, when they leave, he becomes Baby Hyde and either starts fussing or wailing away *sob*...!!
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