January 24th, 2003


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Aidan seldom smiles. Actually, he doesn't smile to us at all. Most of the time, we see him smiling to himself while he's sleeping...[probably dreaming of more milk!]

Today, I brought Aidan to Mt Elizabeth to see this pediatrician that was recommended by friends. I like her! She does have a way with children and I am comfortable with the way she handles Aidan. She's definitely way better than that previous doctor that was referred by Raffles Hospital!!

Dr Lee checking on Aidan's motor movements & responses, while 'chatting' & playing with him..

Dr Lee :(to me)?"So does Aidan smiles"?
Me : "Yeah, but to himself"
Dr Lee to Aidan [while stroking his cheeks] :" Ah Aidan, don't like to smile at people ah?"

And Aidan immediately responded by giving Dr Lee a big smile ..

Damn, I'm so jealous. My kid smiled at a stranger but not at me...

He got his 2nd Hep B jab today too. Made a face and cried for less than 5 secs and dozed off immediately after that. Wow! Easier than I thought :)
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