January 26th, 2003


All About the Baby

I take back everything I said about coping w/out sleep. I was totally konked out after just one week of looking after him full-time. He's been getting pretty hyper recently and I'm wondering whether my [excessive] drinking of coke is the reason for this since I'm breastfeeding him. Am a coke addict and had stopped drinking that much of it since the pregnancy. Just started doing so recently after I passed the 1mth confinement...Hubby was very nice & understanding this weekend, taking care of Aidan and letting me sleep as much as possible.

Being a mom of a newborne can be a scary thing. I constantly wonder whether I'm doing things wrongly and am afraid that I may screw up somehow due to my ignorance. I get even more conflicted when people [especially if it's ur mom] tells me that what I'm doing is wrong and bad for the baby but when I do my 'research' and check the internet or ask about it in a parenting forum page, I get the assurance that I'm doing the right thing. But it's not that I'm totally enveloped by this paranoia..and I doubt I'm suffering from any post-natal depression. I do love being a mom and truly enjoy the company of Aidan..and I think I'm darn fortunate to have an understanding & loving hubby who is totally hands-on in the caring of our baby :)

Aidan playing in one of the 2 Babygyms I'm keeping :)
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