January 28th, 2003


Sleeping Baby

Aidan doing the para-para in his sleep..

Aidan in dreamland.....

Realised that Aidan's been perspiring a lot when he sleeps even though we don't swaddle him at all and he's been wearing pretty outfits with thin material when we put him to bed. He also tends to fuss alot in his sleep. We then decided to let him sleep with the aircon on yesterday night to see how he fares and he'd actually slept extremely well, at abt 4 hours stretch during each sleep session. More sleep time for me too~~So..airconed room it shall be for li' Aidan :) Ooh..need to buy more of those one-suit pjs for Aidan now!!

He's such a cute little bugger :)
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Oh-oh....I think Aidan is getting bwee!! I can see his double chin~~

Aidan -1 month,5 days old :)

Another pic here
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