January 30th, 2003


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granddaddy & grandson sleeping together

My dad-in-law has been bringing me lunch everyday [cept for weekends] since the confinement nanny left. He knows I'm too lazy to cook and and fears that I may end up eating instant noodles or those boxed microwaveable spagetti. Also, with a baby in the house, it's a little tough for me to go out to eat. Damn paiseh man but mom-in-law says that he likes to be kept busy since he's so free in the day [he's retired]. Also, he gets to see li' Aidan daily and enjoys playing with him. Dad also helps to tend to Aidan whenever I have tons of chores to do. Am really thankful to have such caring in-laws :)

Today was so cute!!Dad was carrying Aidan and patting him to sleep and he too fell asleep while doing so..

Aidan has indeed put on weight. He's abt 4.2kg now which is okay for a 1 mth old kid but he has grown quite fast since he was only 2.77kg when he was borne. Previously, I didn't feel that tired when I was carrying him around but now, my arms & back ache like crazy at the end of the day. But he's still adorable lah!

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