January 31st, 2003


Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice~


Mong, whom I met on this Asiaparent forum group sent me pics of her li' gal,Megan. Megan's sooooooooooooo adorable and pretty..with huge sparkling eyes, long eyelashes, cute dimples and thick, brown long hair! Apparently, Megan is gonna be appearing in Feb's issue of Today's Parent..*weetweet*..a child model siah!

A daughter is so 'fun' to have...coz u can dress her up,play with her hair, bring her shopping and do all sorts of girly stuff together. I realised that most of the nice kiddie clothes are for girls and the kiddy designers seem to neglect the poor baby boys!


Annnnnnnnnnnnnd...this Chinese New Year, IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!!! I'm gonna proudly parade Aidan *kaching* and hide from parents who have more than one kid~~
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