February 5th, 2003


Ze Li' Monster

My 2 darlings sleeping in the living room... Ze li' monster terrorizing my hubby :)

My poor hubby! He had tons of leave to clear so he took the 2 days after CNY off, to relax and spend some time with the baby. In the end, the 2 days (yesterday & today) made him totally exhausted! Well, it's good actually coz he'd then realised that looking after the baby ain't easy. We took turns with Aidan and hubby just couldn't wait for his shift to be over or when it was his turn, he would pray for an 'easy' shift [baby sleeping]..Aidan was extremely active the whole of yesterday and hubby got so stressed out looking after him. In the evening, I laid the baby down on the sofa for a while to rest my hands and lo n behold, Aidan fell asleep there..[he'd simply refused to sleep in his cot earlier]..Hubby feared that Aidan would roll over so he stayed in the living room with him and hubby ended up sleeping on the floor [he was completely drained I guess..) :P~..I finally managed to bring Aidan back into his room and tucked him into his cot and got poor hubby off the floor!

Thankfully, Aidan was less hyper today so we had a little more rest-time. Hopefully, he will sleep better later in the night..


Went to POSB today to open an account for Aidan. The queue was so freaking long that we changed our minds. Will probably get dad-in-law to bring me to POSB another time..Have to wait a while probably since most pple would try to deposit their NY collections around this time.

Heh..Aidan is a rich baby !!! Lemme see..My dad had given him a generous 'angpow' of $7,000. During Aidan's manyue, we collected $1,800 so after paying the caterer, we made a 'profit' of $1,000. . Furthermore, Aidan received $350 of angpow money (not including our angpow to him)..So, all this $ will be put into Aidan's joint account with me -the start of his education fund, I guess :)


Ooh..and it was a good CNY for gambling. Played mahjong twice only ..won $30 on CNY's eve and $320 on CNY second day! Am giving $300 of my winnings to Aidan for his angpow. Realised we'd only given out $140 worth of angpow money (total 7 angpows). I'd expected to handout more money actually. And I didn't even 'hide' from anyone heh..So, all in all, it was a 'win-win' Chinese New Year~~!

Heh..little Aidan being burped. He looks like a little pug here..
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