February 10th, 2003


Youngest 5566 fan

*Gasp* Baby Aidan lurvees 5566..No, that's not the winning 4D number but the name of this Taiwanese boyband who actually can sing/dance pretty well.

Whenever I need Aidan to sleep or calm him down when he's crying, I'll just play the 5566 CD and rock him in my room [since there is no CD player in Aidan's room] and hey presto..Aidan will start falling asleep. He especially loves Wu Shuo Wei [a fast song] and can sleep within the first 1 minute of the song. Hubby couldn't believe it when I told him but when he observed it for himself, he was flabberghasted..erm more at Aidan's taste in music! We had actually bought those Music for Babies CDs especially for him and he hates it I tell you! Either he cries louder or open his eyes wide and stare at us..doesn't even get him to yawn! I should go get a refund man~Hubby says that it's fortunate that Aidan doesn't like F4 songs or he'll go crazy!

Aidan sleeps extremely well whenever we bring him out..even when it's noisy. Yesterday, we brought Aidan out with us for our annual family CNY dinner at Teochew City in Centrepoint and the li' baby was sleeping so soundly. Hubby is seriously thinking of recording the 'sound of noise' and play it for Aidan during sleeptime!

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