February 20th, 2003


Can't smile without you~

He glares..he looks..and attempts to smile..

I'm still waiting for Baby Aidan to give me a big wide smile (milk/sleep smiles are not counted)!!. He simply doesn't smile or laugh when he's awake..all he does is pout!!Well, he does smile a little, most of the time, a crooked smile but I want one of those huge grins that I see on the other babies ..Yeah, yeah, I'm demanding! People's telling me that it's still early for him give a 'real' smile but I've seen babies who are younger than him do it..Hubby said we've got a 'dao' baby hehe

Anyway..in about 3 days time, Aidan's gonna be 2 months old! How fast time flies!! He hasn't grown that much since the last growth spurt at 1 month..I've gotten a sarong sling so that I'm able to carry him about the house with my hands free to do the household chore and he's beginning to adapt to the sling and have been sleeping pretty well in it *phew!*. At least this way, he can sleep more in the day and hopefully, just as much in the night !!

My 2 Darlingzz :)
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How does one take pics with a baby!??

We realised we don't have a decent pic with Aidan coz he always looks away the minute we snap the pic! Single pics..no problem. He will pose like anything but when paired with us, he will look anywhere but the camera !!

*poke**poke*..look at Daddy..Now look at camera..aaAaarghh!

Now..look at the camera..Noooo..not up!!...Err..Don't look so bored, can?!!
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