February 25th, 2003


Ze Baby-chair

There is this big arm-chair in the living room that is so loved by my hubby. It's big and comfy and very nice to lepak on and watch tv. However, hubby's beloved arm-chair has now officially become ze babychair as Aidan enjoys sitting on it too! That very chair is also the best place to feed the baby.I think that's why Aidan loves to sit there coz he can see & sniff the milk stains! Hubby is complaining that baby Aidan will be usurping his position as head of the household soon!

Aidan smiling gleefully as he takes the place of my hubby on Ze Armchair. Friends have commented that Aidan looks pretty big-sized & matured based on the pics on my lj..u can see here he's actually still pretty tiny :)

Aidan using me as an armrest
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