February 27th, 2003


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Brought Aidan to Marche at Heeren to meet up with other mummies (from the Asiaparent group)..thought that it would be great to share parenting/baby tips with other mummies and show-off our darlings to each other heh! It was a pretty small group with just a few mummies & babies there but it was good to put a face to some of the people I've been corresponding with via the email/forum and seeing their babies :)

As usual, I had my digi-cam ready and had several pics taken heh!

Aidan waiting for me to get the barang2 ready so that we can leave for Marche..
Oooh, we met another baby Aidan (4 mths old), with mummy Duanna..this Aidan's daddy is a Norwegian. Cute eh!

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Oh yes, today I discovered that Aidan now has double-eyelids on BOTH EYES!He used to only have it on his left eye .So Aidan's more chio now!~ .But, his baby acne is still kinda bad . Hope what the paed say is right..that the acne will go away in time.
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