February 28th, 2003


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Got the fright of my life yesterday evening..I was playing with Aidan and letting him lie down on his tummy on the sofa couch as usual. He was pushing himself upwards and then all of a sudden,while he was balancing himself with both hands, he pushed himself off with his right palm and flipped himself over..and somehow rolled off the couch..I tried to grab hold of him but he was too fast.Thankfully, he fell onto this beanbag that was beside the couch n it managed to break his fall. It would have been worse if that beanbag wasn't there!!

Damn. I should have realised that he is getting stronger and more active now and I shouldn't assume that he would be comfortable just lying on his tummy...especially when he's not used to that position. I felt so guilty! He was crying a little when I scooped him up and started cradling/rocking him but he started coo-ing happily away soon after *phew*.

And this morning, while he was sleeping in between us, hubby in his deep stupor, stretched out his arms and accidentally jabbed Aidan's head with his elbow (it wasn't a very hard one though). Aidan of coz started crying out in pain. Arghh! Poor Aidan. Two scares in a roll! After a fair bit of patting and rocking, he finally went back to sleep.

Gosh..we'd better start being more careful with Aidan. Don't want him to get hurt somehow becuz of our carelessness..Have to always remember that he's still a little baby and is very delicate.

My sleeping baby
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Munchin Baby

Hee~ So cute! Aidan was munching his own arm when Hubby was carrying him..I could hear the very loud 'chookchook' sound. But....I'D JUST FED HIM!!!
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