March 3rd, 2003


Pam & Baby Christen..

One of our friend,Pamela has just left her job and decided to become a full-time mommy to her li' boy Christen who is abt 9 months old. Pamela also happens to stay in the same condo as us - just one block away. Pamela was very frustrated with the nanny as the latter was not doing a good job of looking after her son so she sacked the nanny and decided to quit her job n tend to her kid instead.

She called this morning and asked whether she could come visit with her son..I was glad to have some company of coz. Pam said that we should meet up more frequently since we live so nearby and both of us are stay at home moms now. And when Aidan grows older & stronger, he can start playing with Christen too! Yeah!

Wow..Christen has grown a fair bit since I last saw him when he was abt 4 months old. I tried carrying him - he was abt 9+ kg and *awk* arms couldn't take it! Oh no..How am i gonna tahan when Aidan grows to that size! Christen is pretty hyper too..he was crawling around my living room and according to Pam, he has started attempting to walk..which is v fast for a baby of that age. Pam said she'd lost so much weight just caring for the baby..yeah, she looked really good man.!! Hope I'll be as slim as her when Aidan is 9 months old hee~

Pam with 9 month old Christen..Yeah, Christen looks more like her hubby..

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