March 4th, 2003


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Darn..Aidan woke up with a scratch on the face just under his left eye. He probably scratched himself while sleeping. It was still bleeding so I'd clean it and dabbed some lotion on it. Ugh! So heartpain! Can't stop him from scratching himself at all..I trimmed his nails regularly but it still cuts his skin. I know putting on mittons on him will avoid this but I don't want his fingers movements to be constricted all the time. *Sigh*.. First the milk rashes, then the baby acne (which he still has) and now the scratch scars..! He's definitely not gonna win any baby contest~! As what my hubby will say.."Bu4 Piao4 Liang4 Le3!!"

On another note, his neck is getting firmer and he's able to hold his head upright for much longer *yeah*. Pretty soon, he will be crawling and walking and talking!! Hope I will be able keep up with him !!

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