March 5th, 2003


Sleeping Child

Li' Aidan in his jumping sheeps pjs!

Putting Aidan to bed at night has become kinda enjoyable.It used to be so stressful trying to get Aidan to sleep when he was less than 2 months old coz he will always jerk awake whenever we try to place him in the cot n then, it will so tough to get him to sleep. Now, it's almost a breeze !!

He will start feeling a tad drowsy from abt 8pm onwards (after his 2nd last feed of the day) and we will let him rest in the cot, and just play with him for a while. Here's when he will make the most baby talk..Tres cute!! One automatic way to get him to 'talk' is to press his chubby cheeks..another way is by making eye-contact and chatting with him. He usually will stare at us with his eyes wide open and start 'talking' to us.His fav sound at the moment seem to be Ah Poooo and Qooooo made in that breathless babyish voice., we so wanna get him to 'talk' but I guess pretty soon, we won't be able to get him to keep quiet..

After his last feed, at @10pm, he would be so zonked out that he will be asleep even during the feed. Problem is..we can't burp him as a process as he will just lay down in our arms limply. So we will just do away with the burping and just lay him down into the cot n he'll just zz the night away. But if he jerks awake, we'll just let him suckle his own fingers and he'll just fall asleep after chooking at it for awhile (he doesn't like the pacifier - we tried!)..Sometimes we wonder whether we are doing the right thing by letting him suck his hands but we were thinking that since it helps to 'pacify him', why not..just as long as his hands are kept clean and hopefully,we would be able to wean him off his digits !!

Pretty Aidan

Hm...I think Aidan looks kinda pretty here leh.. nice sparkling eyes, small lips, a button nose,a heart-shaped face (I think..), a sharp chin, nice mid-driff, tanned complexion (heh)..Well, if minus the acne, scratches n if he has more hair and is fairer, I'm sure he will look prettier !

Okok..I've got a son..not a daughter !

Yeah,I'm too free!! (he's napping now).
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