March 6th, 2003


Wunder Cream

2 1/2 months old Aidan "

Apologies for the extra large picture but jus wanna show Aidan's complexion clearly..Ooh..stupid me just realised why Aidan appeared so tanned in his previous pics. Coz I used the no-flash function. With flash, he looks so much fairer!

Anyway,I'd been griping about Aidan's acne,milk rash, scratches etc etc for the past week and ...I'm actually seeing an improvement in his complexion. And I think it's better because of the advice of stephiechai and Cheryl (a mommy from Asiaparent forum) to use Hazeline Snow..yeah, that ol' n trusted face cream, which I remember using when I was in Sec school. I was using a cream recommended by my paed and it wasn't working at all. Neither was constantly wiping his face with a warm water on cotton pad. But..just 2 days of applying Hazeline Snow, his face seemed to have improved. Yeah, the milk rashes is still there and his scars are apparent but..his face seems more radiant now. Hee~ I sound like a commercial for Hazeline snow! Anyway, thanks a bundle stephiechai & Cheryl for ur recommendation !!!

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