March 12th, 2003


Excuse me, r u a baby model hee~

Babies/Child photographers must be damn patient & quick man! I really wonder how they can manage to take such wonderful pictures of babies..I mean..How in the world does Anne Geddes do it, making those babies pose in all kinds of funny yoga positions, wearing weird outfits and all.

Aidan seems to like posing for the camera, I must say..though he will always have the dazed look if I use the flash on him. Most of time, he will either look at me in that sardonic manner (that's why most of the time, the pics is of him with that buaysong face) or with amusement (this look is however pretty transient so it's kinda tough to capture on camera!).

I guess it's obvious what my post will be leading to eh..MORE PICS OF AIDAN TAKEN THIS MORNING AFTER HIS MILKTIME!! (arghh..not gonna LJ cut..those w/out broadband..sorry hor!) ..oh yeah, uniclycommon..don't need to wait till night for his daily pics liao eh . !

Yeah..his usual TL face..

His pensive look...and a little smile :)

His favourite snack..his fingers! ..I guess he had enough of posing for the day!

*sigh*..his right eye double eyelids disappeared!! Yeah, I'm so superficial eh!
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Pops & His Grandson..

Dad-in-law loves to engage Aidan in conversation whenever he's at my place in the afternoon -he brings me lunch every weekday ..yeah, I know..I'm so darn lucky to have such great in-laws.DIL will speak to Aidan in teochew and Aidan will look at DIL as if he understands him, and will 'baby-talk' back to DIL in his own dialect. And somehow, DIL is usually able to make Aidan laugh heartily..I always have such fun seeing them both in action .

Aidan seems to understand what Granddad is telling him..

A grin followed by a guffaw!!
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An Afternoon by the Swimming Pool

Today is a record man!! 3 entries in one day!

Usually during the evenings, I'll bring Aidan down to the condo grounds for a walk. Abt a few days back, while passing by the swimming pool, I saw this lady lying on a deck chair with a li' baby in her arms. We started chatting and discovered that our babies were born just 2 days apart. Her baby, Ryan was born on X'mas day so that makes Aidan a gor-gor. Ryan was a pretty big baby - @3.6kg so Rachel had to deliver him via C-section. We started comparing the babies' size (heh, typical mummies that we are) and I realised that Aidan is only slightly smaller than Ryan..I'm pretty relieved actually coz Aidan was smaller than Ryan by a 1kg+ and he has since grew quite a fair bit so he's pretty good-sized for his age now. Ryan is tanned and has a nice physique (I don't believe I'm saying this abt a baby)-he looks like a rugby player or an athelete. So cute!!

Anyway, I'd just came back from a stroll downstairs with Aidan and had arranged to meet Rachel & Ryan. We tried to take some pics of the two boys together but! Becuz dear Aidan was really sleepy and all he wanted to do was zzzz! When we tried to wake him up to take some pics, he became really grouchy and snarled at us.I gave up and he ended up sleeping in my arms..Met my friend, Pamela with her son Christan too (heh, babies gathering siah)...

Aidan woke up and became even grouchier so I'd no choice but to bring him back upstairs..He's now sleeping soundly in my bedroom~

A grouchy Aidan & a hyper Ryan..(does it look as if Aidan is punching Ryan?)

An even grouchier Aidan & a calm Ryan.. u realise Aidan has frown dimples? Just right on top of his eyebrows.

Pam & Christan, Rachel & Ryan..

My digicam very wu-hua man!!
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