March 13th, 2003


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I want to get the blue soft bunny jacket for Aidan...So cute!! Darn, they don't deliver to Singapore. Will email them and check if they can, since they do deliver to Japan, Australia and NZ. Arghh..yeah yeah, I'm spoiling that li' bugger!!

Today, while sitting by the jacuzzi pool, I saw this old lady who was swimming there with her granddaughter. The lady started chatting with me and enquiring abt Aidan. I then asked her how old her granddaughter was..She said the latter was 4 yrs old. To my surprise, the little girl turned to her grandma, gave her a black face and screamed "I'm five years old!!"..and she started throwing a huge tantrum, splashing water into her grandma's face and screaming "Why you say I'm 4 years old! I'm 5!"..I was like..wah..and said to the lady, "err..she is quite naughty eh!"..and guess what..that little girl turned around to me and screamed "Shut up!" and started splashing water at me. And she continued to scream and scream (!!). The old lady apologized to me and took her squirming and wailing granddaughter out of the jacuzzi pool while giving me the 'bopien' look. She took her to the side of the pool, and asked her to swim with her. The girl refused and continued with her wilfulness. The ol' lady then swam by herself and the girl just stayed at the side of the pool screaming her lungs out. I decided to leave then..and even when I was on the 2nd floor, I could hear the girl's scream. Sheesh! Oh..and this li' girl has a baby brother who is 6 months old. Her grandfather was walking the baby in the stroller..The grandmother told me that the little girl was even naughtier before the brother was born! Gawd! She must have been a terror if she had been worse than what she was today!

Aidan was sleeping through it all, in my arms. I whispered to him "Please please, don't turn out like that brat!". Aidan stirred a little, gave a li' smile & a stretch and continued sleeping...

Hmm..yeah the hat is kinda big for him.
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