March 15th, 2003


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I think I've mentioned this before...alot of people told me that based on the pics in this LJ, Aidan looks older than his actual age (which as of today is 2 months, 3 weeks old)..I don't know, he certainly doesn't look so irl. I guess it's becuz I tend to take really close-up shots of him. Anyway, this set of photos here seems to show him looking tinier..He looks like a li' runt here hehe~ He's seen here playing with his grandparents, who came over late in the morning to spend some time with him

Grandpa & Grandson chatting away as usual with Grandma looking on...

Aidan doing his best impersonation of an aeroplane..

That's May, my part-time maid's daughter on the right. She loves to play with Aidan
(and Aidan is looking at his grandpa in that pic)....Aidan napping after all that exercise!


Played mahjong yesterday night from 12 midnight to 5 am..I was supposed to be playing the 1st round & hubby the second..but he was so sick/exhausted that he slept instead. I was very heng man! Was losing throughout the game and I was down abt $130+ during the last North Round and the final hand. My hand was good..I had 2 animals, 1 counted flower, a 'ponged' hong zhong and fat choi ..which made it 5 double on the table..and I was playing a pong2 game..Roger, my friend who'd already kena pow coz he threw me the hong zhong to make it 5 doubles ended up throwing me the winning card. Our max payout was 6 double (my hand was actually a 7 double) so he ended up having to fork up $128 in total. So, in the end, my deficit was only $7 *phew*..Wah so tired now. Not enuff sleep man!

And, please welcome duannadokland to the LJ group. She has a 4 month old baby boy who's also called Aidan!!!
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