March 16th, 2003


Sunday Part 1

Sunday Morning pics~~

Aidan was in such a good mood early in the morning! He was pretty jovial and smiley..though I still couldn't capture much of his smiles on camera. He kept on looking straight into the lens and was like 'duh!'..So cute !!

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Sunday Part 2

I am now really appreciative that Aidan sleeps through the night. In the words of my hubby..we really (warning-quite crude) kio tio gu lan!! [those who don't know the meaning can go ask ur hokkien ahbeng friends].I used to think that babies will inevitably sleep through the night when they they get older (eg.pass the 2 months stage) but after talking to a few mommies, I realised that I'm one of the fortunate ones! My sis-in-law, Jess was telling me during lunch at our parents in-law,that Chern Ern, my 1 year old nephew still wakes up frequently at night and at times, he wakes up every hour (!). Pamela's(my friend who stays in the same condo)Christan, who is 9 mth old, also still wakes up abt every 2 hours and this afternoon when I went to a session on 'Elimination Communication', some of the other mummies were telling me that their babies wakes up at least once in the night! From now on,I will never complain that Aidan doesn't sleep much in the day coz he definitely sleeps alot at night allowing us lotsa rest n precious sleep !!

That's Aidan with his cousin, Chern Ern. Aidan looks so tanned next to his fair cousie..
Both boys don't look too happy sitting next to each other leh!

Hubby's good pal, Roger was in Singapore for a short visit and will be returning to Cambodia tomorrow. Roger's not a Cambodian heh~ He's a Singaporean who had been in Cambodia since 7 yrs ago..He was there initially as a country manager of a company that he worked for but abt 5 yrs ago, he decided to go on his own and so he now have his own business selling/renting power gensets to companies. He's doing pretty well and will come back to Singapore often to visit his family and pals and of coz, to have a game of golf! He's still single although we often joke that he probably have tons of wifes/mistresses in Cambodia..We always ask him when he intends to settle down but he usually tells us that he want to be successful first before he looks into having a wife..

We had dinner at Jerry's BBQ at Jln Kayu..Inspired by the food pics of shining_tree, I'd decided to try taking pics of the food items but somehow, they don't seem so appetizing...Here are the pics taken Collapse )
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