March 21st, 2003


We're Back!!

Hee~ Finally the computer has been revived! I had mega withdrawal symptoms man(erm, ok I admit - I had LJ w/drawal)!! sis and a pal thought something happened to me just coz Aidan's pic wasn't being updated in my livejournal !! Sis, evonnetay even asked mom to call me to check if I/we were okay. Guess I'd been too regular with my updating of the journal eh!

Well, we suspected that it had to be something hubby installed last Sunday..The power supply unit went haywire and basically, the computer couldn't be switched on at all. Brought it to SLS on Wednesday and they 'repaired' it within one hour. After hooking it up, the puter was operational for a total of 3 mins before it self-destructed again there it went back to SLS again where it was hospitalised for a day..And it's finally 'cured' and in working condition!! *Yeah*

For those who missed seeing li' Aidan for the last few are some pics of him~

Hubby swears that Aidan is getting heavier and bweer hee~
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Aidan and Ryan

Hmm..don't they look as if they are holding hands??!

Been meeting with Rachel, the mummy of Ryan pretty regularly. Rachel as I'd mentioned before is a neighbour, who lives just 2 blocks away and her son,Ryan,was borne on X'mas Day last year, 2 days after Aidan. We've been visiting each other's place and as usual, I was taking as many pics as possible of the 2 boys.

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