March 22nd, 2003


MSU 2003 Aidan pic today! hee~

Spent the evening watching MSU 2003..I only caught the second half coz I was out with in-laws for dinner. Well, I thought Celeste Lim or Jun Chua was more deserving than Bernice Wong though all 3 were supposedly the hot favs. Celeste and Bernice were more model-like than beauty queens especially the latter, who was really tall (1.77m),skinny and erm flat.

Heh..the Q&A was a blast as usual. The winner of that round must be Jamie Low ..When asked what was her best trait.., she replied "I'm eloquent. I like to speak. Thank you!" WTF???! Eloquent my foot!! Celeste always seemed to be on the verge of tears whenever she spoke..or rather, whenever she mentioned her mom. I guess that was why she didn't win coz she wasn't really very composed when speaking but she did look good. And Bernice's 3 course meal would definitely give me diarrhea..Shepard's Pie with a vege/fruit salad and laksa!!

OOohh..Thought the Tang Quartet was simply slurpeelicious ~~ And their music was good too. Those breakdancers were a waste of space.

Recorded the show so I can catch the earlier portion which I missed..Then I can find more stuff to laugh at hee~ Yeah, I so lurve to watch these beauty pageants!
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