March 23rd, 2003


2 Celebrations

Aidan is 3 months old today! Yeah!!!! . Really can't believe how times flies. But he's definitely growing pretty fast and my aching arms can vouch for it. I don't know man..he is getting a little roundish..I do hope I'm not overfeeding him..' Renee had her 1st month celebration today. Her dob was on the 26 of Feb but they celebrated it today as it was a weekend. Renee has grown a little since we last saw her. Her legs are very long and it's kinda obvious she's gonna be quite tall, especially since both dad & mom are tall too. And Renee wore the li' pink dress that I gave her . Bibi said that it was the only outfit that fitted her since everything she had was too small..heh!

The babies in green (3 mth old Aidan), yellow (9 mth old Chloe with mummy, Corrina) and red [erh ok, pink] (1 mth old Renee with mummy, Bibi)..

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