March 25th, 2003


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It was Aidan's jab day was his 2nd jab after the hepatitis jab he had in the hospital.

He was in a pretty good mood before he entered the paed's room. He had his height & weight measured first. Not bad..he's about 59cm which meant he grew 8cm since his birth and his weight is about 5.8kg which is just abt right. Brought him to the paed's room and he was starting to become aggitated. Well, his feed time was soon so he was probably getting hungry and maybe he knew what was in stall for him too. I was holding on to him when the doc gave him the jab ..his face turned deep red first and then.."WAH WAH WAH!" He looked at me like asking "WHYYYYYY did u allow her to do that to me!!!"..Continued to cry when I brought him out of the paed's room. Went to the nursing room and tried breastfeeding him to pacify him a little. No use. He just wailed pitifully!! Went out to the reception, where my father-in-law was. FIL then carried him and he stopped crying immediately! I was flabberghasted! He was pissed at me! *sobsob*..

We then went to Paragon's Nooch coz I was meeting Yun-Hueie_rambler who was passing me some DVDs. I also had to feed Aidan ..who fortunately did not cry when I fed him. He probably knew that he couldn't continue to be pissed at me since he'll end up going hungry! YH commented that Aidan looked smaller than what he visualised..yeah, that's the general feedback I get when pple see Aidan irl. His pictures does make him look more matured. I let YH carry him for a while and Aidan seemed to take to him pretty well. Aidan was coo-ing and laughing away when YH tickled and played with him. Bleah!

Was afraid that Aidan may get fever in the night as doc had advised that it occurs in abt 15% of children after they get this jab. He felt a little warm just now when I was feeding him..Checked him again after I put him in bed for abt 1/2 hour and he seemed better..*phew*. a parent, the main thing u want is for ur kid to be healthy.That's really what I want most for have good health and be a happy li' boy :)

Aidan with Yun-Huei..that's the expression on Aidan's face when he
was playing with him..

At Burke's Raffles Place while waiting for hubby. YH took this pic.
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Sick Baby

I think Aidan does have a slight fever now. He felt warm when he woke up this morning. I tried to take his temperature but the problem was that the thermometer I had was not those that measured temperature from the ears but by placing it under the armpits. It doesn't seemed to be that accurate. He was measuring abt 37%+ each time but when we tested it on ourselves, we were abt 36%. Better remind hubby to buy a Braun ear thermometer which is probably more accurate. Anyway, Aidan didn't finish his milk this morning. He'd only drank abt 100ml when he usually drinks 160ml (and still wants more)and drifted off to sleep while drinking. Not like his usual self..He's usually very active in the morning and would wanna play as soon as he finished his milk.

I'd placed a cool patch on his head to help alleviate his fever and hopefully make him sleep better and more comfortably...


Aidan's temperature seems to have risen. Stupid thermometer! I took his temp and it measured 38.5%..mine was if my temperature was normal which should be abt 37+%, his would be about 39% which meant he was definitely having a fever. Fed him and gave him the medication prescribed by the paed. He was looking okay actually..playing about with his grandpa for a while but he became groggy soon after and he's now sleeping again.

Changed him outta his pjs coz father-in-law said the material was too thick for his feverish state..Aidan was jovial for a while when grandpa was ard but he soon became groggy..probably due to the medication n his fever.