March 26th, 2003


He's Better Now ..

Aidan is better now. Thanks to all who has enquired after him. His fever has subsided though he's still a little groggy. He was sleeping almost the entire day. Hopefully, he'll be able to sleep well in the night.

Well,at least we knew what was the cause of the fever this time round so we were well prepared. It's kinda scary now especially with the SARs epidemic going around. My galpals and I were actually planning a get-together together with our babies but we decided to cancel in view of this viral infection. I should try not to bring Aidan out for a while, since his immune system is still kinda delicate.

Anyway..pls welcome a group of mummies - ashleyneo, flipover, alisonrae,debralim and meganmacy from the Asia Parent group to the LJ community. They will definitely be posting their pics of their darlings so for people like moxielass, takira and uniclycommon, you're gonna have more babies to beo at hee~

Aidan all wide eyed after his meal..
He's boxing my camera away..this baby not that sick afterall :)
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