March 27th, 2003


bleakness everywhere..

It's really depressing when you read the papers or watch the daily news..Previously, the focus was mainly about about the faltering economy,the major retrenchments, the poor job market and once in a while, you read about abandoned babies etc..and now, it's the Sars outbreak, the War in Iraq..Everyday, you get inundated by all those images of mass destruction, death, sickness that one can't help but be affected by it all..

U know, I used to have this mentality..why have children and bring them to this really fucked up world for?!! Well, I haven't exactly become an optimist when Aidan arrived [yeah, so much for contraceptives eh],but I might as well do my best to prepare him for the life he's gonna face. I don't regret having Aidan. He's been a joy and a blessing. I just hope that he'll grow up to be well-adjusted and not turn out cynical and unappreciative, like some of the youngsters I know..

I have to admit. I've been pretty ambivalent to all that has been happening in the world 'cause they didn't affect me directly. I guess you could say I was parked safely in my comfort zone and I didn't wanna budge from it. But when something like Sars occurs, you get shaken up and realise that one shouldn't be so uncaring..You know of friends' friends/relatives who are affected and you start fearing for your own loved ones' safety. When I read abt 'Pei Cai' sec school, I thought ..hey.. my parents in-law flat's just next door and that it's not far from Hougang where I am.. and you start fearing more...

Back at the homefront, both my hubby and mom-in-law have been sick for a while. Since last week, they've been coughing and suffering from a bad throat. Their medication doesn't seemed to be working that effectively. Fortunately, the main care-takers of Aidan - me & my father-in-law have stayed relatively healthy. Just hoping that both of them get well soon..


Since I'll be stuck a home for a while coz I don't wanna bring Aidan out, I've been watching Sex and the City DVDs starting from Season 1 (even though I've watched it already)..annnnndd lo n behold, li' Aidan seems to enjoy watching the show too. I'll put him on the sofa next to me, and I can see him lifting his head up to look at the images on tv. So cute, that li' boy. He actually stays in that position throughout the show and only starts fidgeting when it ends. Hmm, maybe it's the nudity and Samantha's breast that he's attracted to !

Doesn't Aidan look cool in his black teddy!

The li' bugger craning his neck to watch SATC..:)

Oops..I got it wrong. Dunno how I read it as 'republic' *bish myself*..Nic, it's hip little people~~! Aidan looks as if he's doing some yoga moves..
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