March 28th, 2003


Singggg..Sing a Songggggg

Aidan's current fav song is Edelweiss. I've been singing songs/nursery rhymes to him every morning while playing with him and I'd only recently started on Edelweiss [thank gawd for those brownie days or I'll be stumped on what songs to sing to him].And Aidan lurves to sing this song together with me. It usually goes like this...

Me :Edelweisssssss...
Aidan : GoooooOOOO
Me : Eddddeeelweisss..
Aidan : GaaaAAAAAA
Me :Every morning you greeeeeet meeeeee
Aidan : GnnnnnNGGGggggggg
Me :Smaaaaall and whiteee, clean and briiiiight
Aidan : AaaWeeeeeeEEEE
Me : Yooooou look happy to meet meeeeee!
Aidan : AhPoooooOOooiiii!~

I dunno man..but he'd always makes the most noise during this song..I wonder whether it was because I sung it really awfully and he was simply howling at the travesty of that beautiful song or that he'd truly enjoyed it. I think it was the former and that he was mocking me !

Anyway, this li'boy seems to be a good judge of music. Yesterday, he was watching American Idol with me. I'd placed him on my lap and we were moving to the music together. He was quiet during most of the songs and I'm sure I saw him grimacing at Corey's awful outfit and coo-ing at Rooooben teddy but when it was Julia's turn to sing, he started wailing!! (swear/x-heart-It really happened!). I dunno, mebbe it could be that his feeding time was near but wah, I think he can be a music critic man!

Wanna see Aidan pissed? Eh..He's got the Tay Ping Hui blackface look here!

Aidan doing his 'changing water into milk' stare..
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