March 30th, 2003



Was a little perturbed by this...I was like..sheesh, if you don't like an ljer or their writings, then don't read it. Why the need to be so mean ?! Most of the ljers dissed either privatised their entries or deleted their live journal totally. Yeah, I guess I'm contradicting myself here coz here I am reading that LJ and feeling aggravated.

Makes me wonder how people react when they read my LJ.I guess I shouldn't bother that much about it. I do enjoy writing my LJ entries, especially posting pics of Aidan. I look forward to reading other LJs too, and will regularly comment on them.I guess it makes my day pass faster too, since I am at home with Aidan most of the time. It's really therapeutic in a way, helps destresses me.

Mornings with Aidan always makes me laugh .

Daddy n Son chatting away :)

Aidan smiling gleefully~~Aidan blending with the sofa seat~

All dressed up..n nowhere to go~~
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