March 31st, 2003


No more a Crybaby

Aidan doesn't cry as often anymore. He barks instead!! Doesn't help that he barks so cutely that I just look at him and go.."Awwwww!!!" Well, what he does usually when he wants his way is he will go "Ah gooo!" or "GnnnnG"...not in his usual endearing manner but with a stern mien and in a rather loud voice..Oh.and it's usually accompanied by his stamping of foot or rather moving his feet & arms about vigourously. Darn..that's it. He's throwing a tantrum instead!!

We've managed to identify his cries too. There are 3 types of cries in total. The first one is the fake cry. Usually, no tears are involved in this kinda cry. It goes 'wah wah wah' and basically, all he just wants is our attention. The 2nd cry is of course much louder, with little drops of tears flowing from his pretty eyes. That's his "What?! You guys are still not coming for me! Wo fan lien le!!" cry. And last but certainly not least, the 3rd and most lethal cry is the "Nobody loves me, Everybody hates me!" type, where he will unleash all his tears, his face will go beetroot red and he will swing both his hands and feet about. That is the worse coz it will take so much longer to pacify him so we'll usually tend to this li' bugger when it gets to the type 2 cry

Just wondering..what was the earliest memory you have of your childhood and how old were u then? My earliest would be when I'm about 1+ years of age, I think..I can still remember my nanny feeding me and me spitting out all the food (yeah, I was a very fussy eater)...poor nanny had a real difficult time with me. Hubby says that he can recall events when he was much younger..abt a few months old. Can't remember what exactly it was about..will ask him when he returns from work.

I want Aidan to have fond memories of his babyhood/childhood..(hopefully, not of flashlights in his face)!!!

Aidan tellin his grandpa.."Let's go have a draft!"

Woof Woof~~ Look, eyeshit in my right eye!

Aidan at the start of a mini-tantrum~
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