April 4th, 2003


Of Snores n Sleep..

Hmm..Is there any way that snoring can be cured, short of going for surgery?! Hubby snores....and he snores real loud! I could never sleep when he's snoring. Even Aidan cannot sleep when he snores!!!! Aidan was awoken by hubby's snores a few times when he was sleeping with us during the weekend mornings..*sigh*.and I'd no choice but to kick hubby out of the room...

I'd tried most of the stuff people recommended. Sleeping on his side is useless. I think he snores louder. Hmm..I think he can snore even if he's sleeping upside down..I jab/kick/punch him ..no effect. I bought him those multi-vits that claim to 'cure' snoring..he ate one, absolutely abhor the taste of it, and threw the whole bottle away. And he has actually lost weight..which I thought will lessen the snoring..but nah..not a single bit! I feel bad actually coz he was banished to the living room couch a couple of times already ..I need some kind of remedy man!

One thing I really admire abt hubby is his ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, any position. He claims it's army trained. I find it so hard to sleep well, unless I have a comfortable bed, no lights/dimmed lights on and a quiet surrounding. Hubby can sleep even there's a contractor upstairs doing work or when Aidan is wailing right next to him(!)

Mom-in-law was off today. She came over during the afternoon to play with the li' bugger...

Kermit the frog~
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