April 5th, 2003


Saturday with the Babies..

It was a babies galore day again..! Our good pals with babies in tow came to our place to have a beef shabu-shabu/steamboat meal...

We thought that it would be good to eat at home instead of our usual practice of going to a restaurant for a meal, in view of the Sars outbreak. It then dawned on us that in the very near future, when we go to a restaurant, we would have to ask for 3 baby chairs and more importantly, we'd have to make sure that it's gonna be a baby friendly place and pretty noisy too,so that if all 3 babies cry at the same time, people won't look at us in that disgusting manner!

The food prepared by Bibi, Corrina and hubby..
[The other 2 daddies and me were tendin to the babies~]
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