April 6th, 2003


Being Bwee...

Aidan woke up looking at least 6 pounds heavier and much chubbier than before!! I think he had a growth spurt overnight. Both hubby and I were like..eh, wah..how come Aidan become so bwee??!He was lying in the cot looking like the Incredible Hulk in Bruce Banner's clothings in his [0-3 mths] pjs. Guess that means I have an excuse to go shopping for some new pjs for him .

Since I'm on the subject of weight gain..I HAVE NOT LOST THE FATS AT MY TUMMY, HIPS & THIGHS YET !!!!Darn..I was so confident that I would lose weight pretty fast but nooooo, it was not to be. I'm still 56kg...abt 7kg over my pre-pregnancy weight. I knew I shouldn't have snacked so much during my pregnancy! And the thing is I look pretty slim from waist up but from waist down..eewwww! And to make it worse, I'm petite and short so I look kinda disproportional. I'd better try going to the gym to use the stair-masters once a day..hmmm..make it once in 2 days. I think there are specific exercises I can do just to trim my lower half of the body..Darn. When I was in my 20s, I could eat anything and not gain any weight. After I hit 30, everytime I weigh myself, I see the scales moving further and further to the right! Bah!

Aidan was wearing this blue tee jus last week and it was still loose on him..
Today,it was snug on him and his rounded tummy was so obvious!!!
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