April 7th, 2003


His Bark is worse than his Baby Cry..

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GGrrrrr..Aidan has started to bark/yell angrily now. We heard his really loud bark yesterday for the first time at my in-laws [his previous barks were nothing compared to this one]. We were like..oh no! That sounds a little like the sound Chloe was making when she was at our place on Saturday. I think he must have been practicing it ever since he got terrified by her and is probably plotting his revenge to out-squeal her the next time they meet. Well, he tried it on us yesterday and boy, did we scramble! And us parents gotta suffer as he barked merrily away when he was signalling to us that he was hungry! Fortunately, it'd only lasted for a short while..well, till his next hunger pangs !

We also realised that Aidan is scared of thunder. The poor li' bugger although much bweer and bulkier is still a mere baby when it comes to the loud rumblings from the sky. The first time he heard it, he was shocked..his eyes widen, face redden and then he'll start wailing away. Even when he's in the middle of a feed, he'll get so spooked that he just lie there agape for a while, and then "Wah wah wah" he goes..
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