April 12th, 2003


Reading is good for the baby - yum yum :D

I've been trying to 'read' to Aidan..Well, reading bores him a little..I guess I just wasn't animated enough and The Straits Times just isn't a good enough read .

He seems to prefer that I sing to him so I got a nursery rhyme book with those buttons that can play out the music when you press on it. He looked interested initially, banging on the buttons and looking at the colorful pictures but he then started to lick on the pages and had would have probably chomped on the book if I'd not whisked him away..Well, I guess it's back to singing songs to him

Aidan 'reading' 3 Blind Mice..

After his bathe in the morning, he appeared to be in a good mood and was grinning away...
And his daddy was trying to make him sit up..which he did for a whole 2 secs!! heh!
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