April 14th, 2003


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The puter died on us this morning [again!!]. Hubby took it to SLS for a cure and came back with a brand new computer!! The old computer is still at the shop and would probably be discharged tomorrow..So hubby gets the new puter and I'll inherit the old, faulty one. Bah! I'm sure my hubby is probably thinking of the zillion games he's gonna download into the computer since he resisted doing that to the old puter in view of it's poor health! *sigh*..Aidan & I are not gonna see much of hubby soon! *sob*

Hubby was telling me about a job opening in his friend's bank..the job is for an office manager..A CBL job according to his friend..basically, the job entails being a PA for the country manager, secretarial duties, administrative stuff etc etc. Well, it pays pretty well and I really don't mind trying something new.It's something I've never done before in view that all my previous jobs were in sales or marketing cept for my last job, where I was doing programming/acquisitions for TV. Well, I'd told my hubby that should I go back to work, I'll look for a job that wouldn't be overly stressful and one which I need not do OT everynight. The main reason would be of coz Aidan. I want to be able to go home early to see him everyday. I'm sure I'll miss him like crazy at work and wondering every hour what he's doing and whether he misses his mummy too.

Anyway, gotta do up my resume..I'd accidentally deleted it the last time I was doing 'springcleaning' to my ol' puter so I've gotta redo it all over again..Well, no guarantee that I'll get the job but no harm trying.

Sunday Pics

My babies ..Aidan's complexion is getting pretty fair..could be the Hazeline Snow!

Took out the other musical gym for Aidan to play with. This gym is cute coz it has little handle bars that he can grab on to..Well, at least it kept him occupied for abt half an hour!
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