April 15th, 2003


My milky-scented saliva producing baby..

Aidan's been dribbling non-stop like a broken tap! I had to change his hanky at least 3 times per day coz they were all getting all soaked ,just by wiping his saliva. He was also constantly putting his entire fist into his mouth so both his hands would be drenched with his saliva and then, he'll rub his eyes with them!!! I'll push his hands away from his eyes, and he'll place them back into his mouth the minute I let go of his hands!So for the entire day, I had to find ways to distract him so that he'll be so occupied that he'll not eat his fists..but he'd still drip saliva though. My bed now has a pool of his milky-scented saliva..so does the living room sofa and his changing table. *Arghh*

Aidan's top half of his romper is drenched with his saliva..if u look closer, u can see that he's actually in the process of making saliva bubbles
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