April 27th, 2003


Long Long Time agoooo *snore*

Once upon a Time (kapo-ed from moxielass and burbur)
20 years ago, Sec 1..was playing netball non-stop much to the chagrin of my mom..I'd practice before school, during recess and after school..I would play till my uniform was soaked with sweat - my white blouse would be totally drenched and my blue pinaform would have those white sweat stains..yecks..Was also very active in the other sports like track & field and badminton.Mom was not a happy camper.. :P.. Also had a major crush on this Sec 4 girl whose name I'd totally forgotten already tho I faintly remember it started with K. Everytime she walked by, my face would turn the color of a red lobster..

15 years ago, JC days..ponteng school alot then...spent alot of my time working at the now defunct 'hip' coffeeplace, Trumps at Paragon..My then-bf was working there so I wanted to spend as much time with him...Good pals in school often helped to copy notes for me. During my Chinese prelim exams, they let me copy their paper..ended up scoring better than one of them somehow coz I was unable to see their papers at times so I tikam-tikam on the MCQ..

10 years ago, doing my undergrad studies in Communication Studies in Vancouver..was so into skiing so spent much of winter and spring in the mountains ..tried doing the Black Runs once and almost died..stayed on the Blue Runs then eversince..For the first time in my life..I really enjoyed studying too..lectures were interesting, tutorials were fun and term papers were a breeze to do~~

7 years ago, was in my first 'real' job..Had to market an industrial park in Vietnam..had a great time coz there was lotsa travelling (was still 'young' then), the pay was good and the per diems were solid..which meant lotsa money to shop..Unfortunately, maxed up on my credit card when I started buying branded stuff that I couldn't afford..almost got sued by a bank but fortunately, dad came to my rescue *shame*..I did pay him back for the amount owed eventually :P~ Learnt my lesson...

6 years ago, was proposed to by my then-bf..wasn't sure abt the r/ship but accepted..then regretted..wanted to find a way to end it but didn't know how. On the day before we were supposed to go for this pre-marital session at church, I played manjong tongxiao and refused to take his calls and overslept the next morning..he came banging at my door and we trashed it out ..the engagement and relationship thus ended..I was so mean and immature then *sigh*..Heard he found a really nice girl and they've gotten married already :D
Also met & fell in love with the man who was gonna be my hubby :)~

5 years ago, was proposed to by my then bf, now hubby..(which meant I accepted of coz)...placed a down payment for the apartment we are staying in now..our first major buy together :D

2 years ago, was working in my 'dream job'..as an acquisitions manager/programmer for a tv station....was a stressful and demanding job tho..especially since there was competion from a new tv station...Came home after 10pm everyday..bleah..

1 year ago, got preggy~ quit job..and was puking most of the time ..bah..

Yesterday, looked after my sick li' baby..who was still purging..

Tomorrow, bring li' Aidan to the paed again..planning to drop by GNC to get him some baby bifidus and also to Robinson to get him some toys ..


We spent most of the weekend, either playing with Aidan together or taking turns looking after him...He looks so exhausted out after each purging session that we feel so bad for him..What's worse is that he has now some rashes on his buttocks in spite of my constant changing of his diapers and I'm sure it's really uncomfortable....But he isn't as grouchy as yesterday at least..was smiling a lot more especially when he sees his own reflection...

Will be bringing him to his paed tomorrow to hopefully get something stronger for his diarrhea..

I'm very tired too..*arghh*

Aidan cool..Aidan coy...
All dressed up after his bath..getting read to meet grandparents for lunch..:)
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