May 3rd, 2003


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Morning has broken~Not!

It was about 11.30am..hubby had refused to wake up after my numerous attempts to get him outta bed..So, I decided to let the li' bugger do it instead..Placed Aidan on hubby while he sleeps..Aidan seems pretty happy lying there and was playing with the blanket...making funny faces at me..Hubby could still sleep thru it all.. *arghh*..

Yeah..finally gonna watch X-Men 2..We'd arranged with our 2 other married w/babies couple friends to watch the movie together and have a nice dinner after that...(w/out babies) S, all our kids' grandparents are gonna have their hands full today..

stephiechai, moxielass, cario..ok ok..I admit defeat..hehe..Pepper crabs & mahjong WHEN???!!!~ uniclycommon, u babysitting Aidan right *grin*..
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food glorious food~~

Oooh hoo~~ Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is so hunky~ *slurp*..I think the show's great..definitely much better than X-men satu..But gawd, that James Marsden is awful as of that character are probably throwing rotten eggs at him.. I'm not a X-Men fan and I don't read their comics too..But I'm sure that someone's gonna do a Buffy in X-Men 3..It was kinda obvious with that last shot of the gushing dam water and that light reflected on it that looked like a phoenix..
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After the movie, while walking to the carpark..the guys were discussing about the particular, the mutants of the XX chromosomes, and which one they preferred..and Trev then commented :
"Waliao! I don't understand why the two guys were fighting over Jean [Grey]..if I were them, I'll go for Mystique man..everyday can do it with different woman!"

Men ah!

After that..we went to this restaurant called Shimizu (or was it Shizumi?) at Gillman Heights for dinner....The food was great..Here's one of the items ordered

Seafood Jap Steamboat..
The cool thing abt this steamboat is that the soup base and ingredients resting is on this thin piece of paper..with charcoal burning at the bottom..Shioks man! *sigh* food pic-taking skills is indeed awful!
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