May 5th, 2003


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Wanna show-off the bunny jacket that yyumeko made for Aidan..She has even made a pair of shorts to go with the jacket and another shorts with li' doggy motifs. Cute eh!!!!!!! I was darn impressed with the white trimmings on the jacket..Doesn't look that easy to do.. She's gonna get Greg to mail it over soon. *yipee*~~

Can u believe it, yesterday was our 2nd visit to Carrefour and the 1st time after Aidan was borne...I was like a kid in a candy store..everything was so cheap and their clothes ain't that bad actually (yeah, suakoo that I am) and lotsa baby stuff too..Ended up buying pjs for me, boxer shorts for me n hubby, load of baby stuff (diapers/lotions etc)..and groceries of coz...Spent over 200 bucks there..Went to Mothercare at Marina Square to check out their latest sale of any sorts :( ..Ended up buying li' girl's clothings for Renee & Chloe coz they were sooooo pretty and some stuff for Aidan..Arghh..I gotta stop shopping for Aidan!! Must resist!

Aidan making a face at me..he's been rather grouchy lately..bah!
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There's li' little boy whose cries I hear almost everyday around this time..I can hear him getting caned as the swish sound is pretty audible and he'll cry nonstop, sometimes for almost an hour.. Am kinda distraught whenever I hear it..I don't know which unit it's coming from..Sounds like somewhere downstairs..His cries wakes Aidan up from his afternoon nap at times too (that's how loud it is)..Should I do anything?
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