May 8th, 2003


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Woke up late this morning..abt 10.15am. No sound coming from the wee one's room ..I checked..There he was lying on his front, with his face faced down. I quickly picked him up..he was awake..he looked at me, with his right big eye, left small eye (his double eyelids in his left eye has disappeared again) and with a very red nose..looking really really pissed and..he promptly began to bawl! Oops... Took a while for to me to pacify him. I guess he probably woke up earlier, did his little flipover, realised he couldn't flip back..was on all fours for a while and was trying to prop himself up with his hands so that he could breathe...that was probably why his nose was so red coz they were squished against the mattress several times..he had managed to get his hands crossed so that his face was lying on his hands instead of the mattress. Am surprised he didn't 'call' out for me..coz he usually does that the first thing he wakes up..

*Sigh*..this flipping over thingy is really making me vexed. He simpy refuses to stay on his back ..bah! And thankfully he just flips to his left..imagine if he can do it both ways, he'll be rolling around the house~ While putting him in bed for his nap earlier on, I tried to anchor him in place by having two huge pillows on each of his side so that he would not be able to move, and propped his head in between two pillows to 'secure' it. Boy..was he an unhappy camper....

pissed Aidan with a pink nose~~

Yesterday night was the first time Aidan refused to sleep on cue after his last feed since he turned 2 months old (He's 4 months+ now). Usually, both of us will cuddle him a little, take turns to give him his goodnight kisses and lay him down to sleep..But yesterday, after I kissed him, he was looking at me bright eyed if he was expecting more. A while after I left the room, I heard him crying.I finally managed to make him sleep by nursing him till he was really sleepy and then laid him on his cot..

I wonder whether it was because he missed his daddy. I read that babies are creatures of habit..Maybe, he was so used to seeing his daddy's face before he sleeps and felt that something was missing that night. just hypothesising here but hubby's sure gonna be happy thinking that his li' boy missed him so much that he couldn't sleep :)</font>
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